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Featured Project


   Alan's request for this project:

Keep the integrity of the sound (initial preset sound intact)

Create 4-8 complementary macros for each preset

Clean & optimize the routing tab (cleaner look)

Disable unused audio modules (minimal CPU usage)

Octave & level match (consistency across all presets)

I had the great pleasure of working with Alan Lam from Deviant Audio, who entrusted me with the creative freedom to explore and optimize his library of Massive X presets. The finished product is the work of two experienced sound designers.


I created five short audio clips to showcase the sounds of the created macros being automated in a DAW. These can be heard here.

The pack can be purchased here.

Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 7.09_edited.jpg


Bruce did a great job. The presets sound great and the macros take it to the next level. It's exactly what I wanted.



Marc Mackenzie | Singer/Songwriter

No matter the task, Bruce is extremely dedicated in all his creative pursuits. Be it sound design, graphic design, or audio production, I rarely see people hold themselves to the standard that he does. As someone who has worked closely with Bruce creatively and otherwise, I can honestly say that no idea is too wild, no detail is too small, and no feedback will go unheard. I’m excited to see what he does in the future and the impact he will make on the industry.


Lauren Rice | Film Sound Editor


Kelley Bates Music Producer

Determined, skillful, and organized are just three words to describe Bruce. I’ve worked with him on a short film, and I have nothing but great words to describe Bruce’s character and talent. He is very good at communicating and isn’t afraid to learn something new. He grows as a person through creativity. The mix he delivered was very well balanced, EQ’d, and overall smooth as can be. I’m so happy and grateful to call Bruce a friend and colleague. 

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There is one thing that is undeniable about Bruce’s work in mixing/mastering, and that’s how clean he can make things sound. His attention to detail allows him to get extra loud mixes and masters that are dynamic and free of harsh frequencies, something I couldn’t achieve alone.

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