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Bruce showed interest and excelled in most creative fields at a young age. With over ten years of experience in the industry, backed by an audio engineering degree, he offers professional-quality audio services.

His expertise lies in sound design, mixing, and mastering, although, with his flexible approach, he embraces any challenge that will test his ever-growing creative skills. 


His fascination with audio peaked when he first heard the ever-evolving sounds of EDM. Shortly after, he went on to win the MNB Electronic artist of the year award in 2015, and has since produced, mixed, and mastered a plethora of music genres.


He also thrives in the world of post-production for tv & film, having done location audio, sound design, foley, editing, and mixing for short films & documentaries.


His most recent endeavors include video game audio integration with middleware programs Wwise & FMOD.


For more information, contact Bruce here and book a free 30-minute consultation.

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