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Eurorack Modular

Need abstract sounds that can be difficult to describe or put into words? Say no more! The world of eurorack modular provides an endless array of sonic possibilities. The results vary from chaotic "happy accidents" to pretty shimmering arpeggios. I've compiled some short samples of raw, unprocessed recordings below.


Abstract Chaos

Mangled RackBeat

Ambient Drips

Industrial Chique

I think it's broken.

Where's the clown?

AI Speech

Saw Drones

Melting Arpeggio

Melodic Loops


Pretty Fluttery

Stargazing Pad

Lush Waves

House Groove

Psychedelic Trance

Arpsolute Beauty

Broken Hearp

One-Shot Samples

7th Pluck


808 Snare Glitch

Junomatic Hit

Crunchy Reese

Resonant Wub

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